Bo Xu



Personal Profile

Doctor of Law, Consultant of Lung Tin Law Firm. Xu once worked on IP-related cases at the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court and the Beijing Intellectual Property Court for 10 years. Xu heard more than 1,000 IP-related cases including those involving patents, trademarks, copyrights and unfair competition. The patent case of Apple Inc. v. Patent Reexamination Board which Xu handled was elected as one of "China's Top 10 Innovative Intellectual Property Cases in 2014". Xu also presided over the hearing of many influential drug patent cases involving Cinepazide Maleate, Truvada and Liraglutide.

Xu has made many speeches at professional conferences at home and abroad, published his monograph Guide to the Application of Guiding Cases and Prior Cases in Intellectual Property Litigation, and contributed more than 30 articles to periodicals including Intellectual Property, People's Judicature, Electronics Intellectual Property, China Intellectual Property, People's Court Daily and Beijing Trial.